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    Source: Vintage Recipes from Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook (c. 1961)(Drawings by Andy Warhol)

    The best kohlrabi I have ever tasted was cooked with boiled beef
    by a French friend who had always had it prepared that way in her
    childhood home.
    Remove the leaves and stems from kohlrabi. Wash thoroughly. Pare.
    Remove woody portions. Dice or cut in thin strips. Cook covered in

    pot with beef, allowing 45 minutes, since beef will be simmering and
    not boiling rapidly. Drain beef and vegetable. Save broth.
    Serve beef sliced hot on warmed platter with spoonful of vegetable
    and broth.

    Creamed kohlrabi: Clean and prepare vegetable for cooking as de-
    scribed in above recipe. Cook covered in small amount of salted boiling
    water 20 to 30 minutes or until tender; drain. Dress with well-seasoned
    cream sauce. About 3 bunches kohlrabi make 6 servings.

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