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Mayonnaise Gelatin Coating

    Mayonnaise Chaud-Froid Source: Vintage Recipes from Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook (c. 1961)[Drawings by Andrew Warhol]


    2 tbsp unflavored gelatin
    1/2 cp cold water
    2 cps mayonnaise


    1 - Soften gelatin in cold water 5 minutes.
    2 - Set bowl over hot water and stir until dissolved.
    3 - Add to mayonnaise.
    4 - Blend well.

    Makes about 2 cups gelatin coating.

    Use to coat sea food, meats, chicken, and turkey when creating
    decorative cold platter for buffet. After coating let stand a few minutes
    to partially set. Add decorations and chill. The gelatin mixture helps
    hold decorations of green pepper, pimiento, olive, et cetera, in place.
    Also use to combine with vegetables and other foods in making a molded

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